Sweet surprises that Vietnam can bring you in your trip

The land of the dragon, amazing Vietnam, keeps bringing its admirers a lot of unexpected joys in each day on their great journey. The breathtaking landscape, the unique culture, and the warm locals are not all about this nation. Small but cute surprises are what you will appreciate through your Vietnam tour because they are like little tattoos in your heart after you leave.

Let’s check them out:

Surprise 1: It’s so easy to get a fancy meal lower than $10

One of the best things about Vietnam is the cost of living. Even at a nice, upscale restaurant, you can get a good meal for single digits. That being said, you can get a good meal on the street for much, much less. And a beer? Leave your bills at home; your pocket full of quarters will do. Grabbing some street “Pho” and a “Banh Mi” on Bui Vien is addictive, and I found myself yearning for plastic stools at aluminum tables more than pillowed seats in air conditioning. And back in the States where a “Banh mi” is $8? Nice try, America. I’ll give you $1.50. That’s the price of its homeland!

Surprise 2: The fresh foods are much more affordable than the frozen foods

And, this fact scores! The Vietnamese markets offer you all the fresh ingredients in case that you want to cook by yourself, from herbs, vegetables, to all kind of meat. Not to mention the price is super good, only the feeling of wandering around the totally different kind of market is able to raise your heartbeat. If you don’t have time for self-cooking, you will find exotic street foods in any corner of the country, and they are all made with fresh ingredients. In this country, you will learn how to “avoid” frozen foods.

Surprise 3: The local clothing brands make you not be interested in Zara, H&M, F21, etc. anymore

Instead of them, you are crazily looking for tailored clothes and handmade things. I almost cried in the hometown airport when I realized there’s no longer exotic silk dresses in Hoi An, or picking your own fabric at Hanoi’s market then get the clothes well-done with just 10 to 20 bucks. There’s no longer the pretty handmade bags or hair accessories or silver jewelry designed by my order. There’s no longer the handmade shoes, suits, chemises or slogan t-shirt. Those pretty little indie things, I lost them all.

Then I just wanted to hold my broken heart and run back with my best speed to the plane which I had just gotten off. My fashion habits, they are all gone!

Surprise 4: Oh, you really can sing!

You may not consider yourself as a good singer, however, Vietnam turns the table around. The Vietnamese Karaoke is super fun, and slowly it turns to your usual way to relax. And 3 AM and you are still in a karaoke room? “Ok, this is my Vietnamese lullaby”- surely told to yourself

Surprise 5: You quit refusing the help of strangers

No list of Vietnam would be complete without mentioning the people. They are the definition of “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” It might not always be the safest or most sensible way, but they’ll get it done, don’t you worry. Stranded in the middle of nowhere? You’ll be taken in. Need to get across this lake on your motorbike in a canoe? Consider it done.

You will definitely receive the strangers’ hands after two to three times. The Vietnamese people have killed your safety habit, this is serious enough to write a complaint in your blog or Facebook: “Reasons not to visit Vietnam:  number 1, the locals are too good!”


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