Asian Classic Adventure Sports You Should Try Once In Your Life

“Allow me to state here how much I love Asia, an admirable land, a land full of life and intense, a port open to both leisure and adventures.”

Millions of adventure seekers have always sought out new places to explore in Asia. And if you are a major adrenaline junkie, Asia is arguably the ultimate travel destination. Check out the irresistible adventures below:

Mountain Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the same like visiting the pyramids in Egypt, which you cannot resist the call in your adventure blood. In a place where towering white peaks touch the sky, monks peacefully meditate in ancient mountainside monasteries, and lumbering yaks haul goods to quaint villages largely disconnected from the outside world, the conquering feeling will come up so intensely like a chit raises after the spring rain.
Basing on the difficulty level that you are seeking, your trekking duration, and the season, you can select the right option for your journey. The choices are really variable, Annapurna Region, Poonhill, Mt. Makalu, Everest, etc.

Kitesurfing and Sandboarding at Mui Ne of Vietnam

The perfect strong wind force of Mui Ne makes this destination be well-known as one of the best locations in Asia to try the unique sport-Kitesurfing, as well as windsurfing and regular surfing. On a clear blue day, when wind conditions are ideal, you will find Mui Ne Bay brimming with colorful sails—kites dancing across the sky and competing for airspace. Kitesurfing is the most popular item on the menu, and its enthusiasts often spend weeks here perfecting the difficult and sometimes dangerous craft.

Mui Ne is also really suitable for Sandboarding with majestic sand dunes. The best time to head up into Mui Ne’s sand dunes is the sunrise. And with a board, you can have extreme fun with Sandboarding in many hours.

Mountain Biking in Luang Prabang of Laos

The 100-year-old town, Luang Prabang offers travelers mountainous and verdant scenery on the back of a mountain bike. With a cycling tour, which can last from a single day to several weeks, the biker can enjoy not only the high-adrenaline feeling but also the minority villages, stunning waterfalls, untouched countryside, exotic temples and more.
With the variable topography, you can experience both the flat ground along the Mekong river or pushing hard up a hillside over the sloping Laotian mountains.

Motorbiking in the Northwest of Vietnam

Northern Vietnam offers adventure seekers the most beautiful path, especially for motorbiking expedition.  You will definitely have unforgettable memories and totally understand what Vietnam’s hidden beauty is. The ride through Northern Vietnam will give you the precious opportunity to experience the famous attractions of the mystic Sapa town with an amazing view of mountains to charming Thac Ba lake. It is one of the most recommended tours of North Vietnam that surely make you fall in love with it.

Paddling/ Rafting on the Pai River of Thailand

Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Pai river, thanks to an excellent compromise between wilderness, challenge and safety, offers one of the best rafting and paddling expedition locations in the world. The outdoor enthusiast will be surprised, and the beginners’ expectations will be exceeded.
S You will also discover hot springs, swim in gorges, shower under waterfalls, surprise colorful birds and other wild animals in their environment. The season runs from June – January. Multi-day trips are run out of Pai.

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