Travel to Cambodia: What should be put on your must-do list?

Cambodia is the big dream of any traveler. Even Angelina Jolie loves Angkor, what more could we do to resist the charm of this country? But not like Thailand or Vietnam, the two names those are too familiar with the world, many people are still confused about the highlight activities in their first Cambodia trip. Angkor, of course, then what’s next?

We understand your concerns, therefore some advice has been prepared. From epic adventure to breathtaking natural beauty, here are our suggestions for the coolest Cambodia vacation which can suit anyone.

Be an active traveler!

Rule number 1 to ruin any Cambodia holiday, please don’t be active. Because it will be a huge regret after you leave if you refused to do any outdoor activities while you staying in this country. There are many fascinating things for visitors, from scuba diving, canoeing and kayaking to bouldering, zip-lining, and skiing. Zip-lining through the ancient Angkor complex is superb! The sheer beauty of the locations makes these activities more thrilling and exciting than in other countries.

Wandering the local markets

Believe or not, the local markets will be the one that you want to bring back home the most after any Southeast Asia trip. They are so vibrant, full of diversity goods, and… interestingly strange. Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, provides a delightful ambiance to visitors with an upbeat market scene, lip-smacking street food, groovy music, and glittering nightlife. The best way to absorb the local culture? You only “need” to enjoy sizzling hot dishes, surrounded by colorful scenery and a jubilant local crowd.

Support volunteer activities

Even Cambodia these days is a fabulous destination for the world, but there is a fact that no one should deny, that it has taken Cambodia a lot to overcome the dark shadows of its past and move forward to the future.  The history is still there whether we want to remember or not, creating certain sections of its society that still need support. By participating in a volunteering local program, you will make your vacation become more meaningful. From teaching to community development, these activities offer a chance to immerse yourself in the local’s daily life and make a real difference. You will have a story, maybe, a lot of stories to tell after your holiday.

Obviously, don’t miss the famous and highlight landmarks

Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat,  Phnom Penh’s royal palace, and the entire province of Sihanoukville are on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Angkor Wat, especially, is a highlight of Cambodian architecture, the carving of which is represented in their national flag. Millions of people come to Angkor each year to admire its unbelievable history and construction. And you should be one of them 😉 Cambodia is filled with stunning and world-famous architecture. Most of the architectural masterpieces, one would find, have stood firm and tall for centuries.

Go to the national parks

Vietnam and Thailand National Parks

Mother nature must really favor Cambodia as this country is blessed with many dense forests, offering a diversified flora and fauna. A number of wildlife sanctuaries, spread over huge areas of land, are preserved and maintained by the authorities and are open for safaris and adventure sports. Highlights include Ream National Park, Phnom Aural National Park, Virachey National Park, Phnom Kulen National Park, and are well worth the trip.

Be a Part of the Cultural Festivals

With culture and traditions majorly influenced by Buddhism and Hinduism, there is plenty of fun-filled festivals all year round in Cambodia, with particular landmarks which are celebrated with large-scale festivals. The Khmer New Year, celebrated in mid-April, marks the beginning of the Khmer community’s New Year. The Royal Ploughing Ceremony (the celebration of farming), All Souls Day (paying respect to the departed souls) and the famous Water Festival (a festival to thank the holy Mekong river for abundant fishing) are some of the main festivals of Cambodia.

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