These photos will make you want to head to Laos right away

The modern life will surely make people long for the peace. And the skyscrapers will make you crave for authentic natural beauty sometimes. That’s the reason why Laos passes many other countries in the world to become the new darling of million travelers.

But they say, one photo worths a thousand words. And we are not trying to describe much about what treasure is hidden inside the country, but let the pictures speak themselves. If you still hesitate in booking a Lao vacation, these photos below will definitely give you a significant push. All the things this country can give you can be wrapped in one word: “Breathtaking”.

The landscape

Over 70 percent of Lao was the forest in the 1950s, and now less than half of the country is the jungle. Therefore your Lao trip will be painted in the lush green. So here are what you can dig for in this pleasure adventure:

Bokeo Nature Reserve | © Christian Haugen/Flickr

Bokeo Nature Reserve is located in Bokeo Province, Laos. The protected area was created to protect its population of the black-cheeked gibbon, discovered in 1997 which was previously thought to be extinct. You can sleep in the jungle in huts suspended high in the trees. Zip-lining behind the elusive endangered gibbons who call the preserve home is the ultimate Lao jungle experience.

Vang Vieng | © Tango7174/WikiCommons

Vang Vieng is a tourist-oriented town in Vientiane Province of Laos. The town lies on the Nam Song River. The most notable feature of the area is the karst hill landscape surrounding the town. The jungle surrounding the town makes for a scenic location for kayaking, hiking, hot air balloon rides, rock climbing and more.

Wat Chom Si | © McKay Savage/WikiCommons

Wat Chom Si is the Buddhist temple at the summit of Mount Phousi in Luang Prabang. Visitors can take a long staircase through the jungle to reach the temple at the top.

Kuang Si Falls | © Poswiecie/Pixabay

Kuang Si (Xi) Waterfall is the biggest in the Luang Prabang area with three tiers leading to a 50-meter drop into spectacular azure pools before flowing downstream. Step into this jungle oasis as a beautiful day trip away from the temples and bustle of the city.

Phou Khou Khouay | © Aleksey Gnilenkov/WikiCommons

Close to Vientiane and easily accessible, this 2000 km² national park invites for various tours into the wilderness, be it for trekking, wildlife watching, orchid spotting, kayaking, and cycling, or just relaxing under beautiful waterfalls amidst lush green vegetation.

Four Thousand Islands | © Babalaos/Pixabay

Si Phan Don- as known as “Four Thousand Islands”- is a valuable destination for anyone looking for some laid-back days in their Lao trip. Accessing to some of Laos’s most spectacular natural wonders, Si Phan Don is so graceful with the smell of wildflowers in the air, the scene of buffalos grazing grass, and lazy fishing boats flowing in the river.

Nam Song River Bridge | © Nick Gray/Wikimedia

The Nam Song River is a small river in Laos that flows through the town of Vang Vieng. It is a popular tourist destination as many people enjoy seeing the Laotian countryside while going down the river in the inner tube of a tractor tire or in a kayak. The river is surrounded by striking karst rock formations.

The animals

White-Handed Gibbon | © JJ Harrison/WikiCommons

The white-handed gibbon spends much of its life high in the treetops. Known for its distinct call that echoes through the jungle, they eat primarily fruits and leaves.

Asian Elephants  | © Fabien Batside/WikiCommons

Asian elephants are native to Laos and live in the wild in herds of up to 25 members. Laos also has an elephant conservation center focused on responsible eco-tourism and saving this endangered species

Butterflies | © Sharon Ang/Pixabay

Laos is home to many species of butterflies. These pollinators help keep all of the gorgeous tropical flowers blooming. Moths, bats, and other insects are also important animals that help pollinate the jungle.

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