How Vietnam steals our hearts over and over again

As a rising star in the world travel map, Vietnam really knows how to make us fall in love. The spectacular nature is not the only reason, but also the unique culture, the authentic beauty, and the warm-hearted locals. At every turn, Vietnam seems to be like a picture caught on film, with a slight sepia tone to it. Let’s review all the moment that Vietnam will steal your hearts!

So in your Vietnam trips, these are all the breathtaking views which you can admire

Unforgettable sunrises

Lush green terrace landscapes

The aromatic coffee… Mmm…

Unassuming and friendly locals

Still waters and pastel-colored skies

The majestic Halong Bay

Crafty creations, like these beautiful lanterns

The Sahara desert in Vietnamese version

The spectacular lotus pond which can melt any heart

A perfect paradise for snorkeling and diving

Intriguing limestone caves

Colorful fishing boats

The fishermen with every action looking like an art-performance

Mystical ancient ruins

Bustling floating markets

Not forgetting, their scrumptious food – pho real.

Oh Vietnam, you’ve stolen our hearts. You’ve stolen it for good.

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