How to plan your family trip to Thailand

Thailand is always a heaven for travelers regardless of their age. If you are planning a trip to this charming land with your family, we can be sure that the Land of Smile will never disappoint you, as there is plenty to keep your whole family entertained. Discover golden-domed temples, go on learning journeys or get up close with rescued elephants, there’s a whole world ahead to explore.

If you are a Thailand first-timer, or simply you just need to plan a perfect vacation for your beloved ones, these tips below may help you a lot.

Strategically plan your spots throughout the trip
When starting off your journey in Thailand with kids and parents, it would be best to stick to a calm and relaxing spot during the initial days. Indeed, children can be temperamental with the overnight shift in location and time zones. Beginning the trip with a laid-back spot, such as Mae Kampong, can help to ease your family into the journey!

Respect the local culture when visiting sacred places
Temples obviously are unmissable things in your Thailand trip, however, when visiting these gorgeous architectures, please remember to dress appropriately. Tops should be sleeved and not revealing while bottoms should reach below the knees. You may be required to remove your shoes in some places, and your children should be advised that it’s disrespectful to point at the Buddha statues or turn your back at the statue. Instead, take a small step back before turning away. Respecting the local cultures means respecting the country, and your vacation will run more smoothly when you understand their social behaviors.

Give the trip a unique twist
Everyone who has been to Thailand most probably has set foot on its sandy beaches as well. But how many have witnessed the cascading Erawan Falls? Not many, we assure you. Take your regular trip off-the-beaten-track and suss out hidden natural gems with your family. Not only will it be an exciting adventure, but it will also transform a regular run-of-the-mill trip into a unique one for everyone.

One or two free days will be very effective in a long Thailand tour
You don’t need continuous activities during your holiday, a short break will make the trip more perfect, especially when you travel with your family. Take a day (or 2 days) out of your hectic itinerary schedule and simply chill at the beach! Too much traveling and constantly checking off places can get everyone tired and irritable. Spend some time cooling off and unwinding with your loved ones instead. The kids will definitely have a splashing good time too!

Be close to the local Thai culture and history
An unfamiliar territory brings about an unfamiliar culture. Exploring the local cultures of your destination is key to breaking that unfamiliarity. There are villages and towns scattered around Thailand that are known for different cultural practices and traditional handicrafts. For example, The Benjarong Village in Samut Sakhon is known for its exquisite Benjarong porcelain ware.

Most importantly, have fun!
Bangkok is chock-full of exciting things to do and places to visit. With awesome theme parks and bustling night markets to cover, it is highly advisable to traverse the capital city during the last few days of your trip. As Thailand’s largest and most popular city, Bangkok is also a shopper’s heaven! While you’re enjoying and having lots of fun, remember your limited luggage space and don’t get too carried away.

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