Vietnam – From a Land of War to a Wonderful Holiday Destination

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Looking at history, perhaps Vietnam is one of the most unfortunate countries in the world. For more than 4000 years – as long as the history was recorded – most of the time the country was in wars. But in the case of Vietnam, it has attracted millions of travelers around the world even after the wars had been long gone, it is worth discovering the reason how a land of war transforming into a tourist-attraction destination.

Yet not until the 19th century when the French came to this land, ruling for almost 100 years, then came the resistance war, then the American came for another war, then the border conflict with China up until 1989. The name of Vietnam was talked about all over the world, mostly stuck with unpleasant topics: The War and misperception about The Communists.

“Vietnam war” still stands for Vietnam in many people’s mind, but this thought is so out of date

Time pasts and the world is getting flat. The globalization has made it possible for those who are curious about this beautiful country. The war had been long gone, and let’s sees what this country has now for the world explorers.

Look like your dreamy “Vietnam vacation 2017” Facebook album?

During the Colonial time, the French, with their most adventure spirits and sophisticated demand of indulgence, had discovered and built up “resort stations” up in Sapa, Tam Dao, Da Lat and the well-known beach town Nha Trang. Their relics can still be seen with colonial villas, hotels, railway stations and even a small hydropower plant in Sapa. Today Sapa is the best destination for trekking, hiking, meeting hill tribe people, homestay, and relaxing, while Da Lat is a must for honeymooners with its all type of beautiful flowers blooming all year round. Nha Trang is no doubt one of the best-known beach resort city while Tam Dao is an ideal escape hill station for Hanoian in the summertime.

Former Battlefield today is filled with green and flowers 

The battlefield of Dien Bien Phu has now become a beautiful field of vegetable and rice, and just not far away Ha Giang, Lai Chau and Mu Cang Chai are all now showing off their marvelous rice terraces.

The brutal Ho Chi Minh trails, along the Laos border, are now covered with green from young forest, farms. This route has recently earned its fame with the discovery of Son Doong cave system in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. No doubt Son Doong is now the must-do for all the cave explorers and nature lovers in the world.

The Central Highlands, a huge military base on the highest plateau in South Vietnam, has now known as one of the homes for coffee, cashew nuts and rubber plantation. The local Montagnard with their culture, the natural landscape, the waterfalls and the old jungles are all making this part of the country an ideal destination for trekking, elephant riding and homestay.

Talking about the beaches, from Da Nang, where the American GIs made their first steps in Vietnam, to Phu Quoc Island and Con Dao Island – where the most horrible prisons were built and operated during the wars- now luxury beach resorts are mushrooming, turning Vietnam into a favorite escape destination for celebrities and successful businessmen. My Khe Beach (located in Da Nang) with blue sky, smooth white sand, clear & warm water all year round, now has become “one of the most attractive beaches on the planet” selected by Forbes Magazine.

My Khe beach- a name could not be passed in your Vietnam holiday plan 

The exchange with the West during those times also offers an opportunity for the local Vietnamese to learn and adopt some good points, especially in cuisine. Besides the unbelievably delicious local dishes, the fusion food with lots of influence from France, Italy, Russia, Mexico, American are great choices for food lovers.

Vietnamese is still soldiers who protect their peaceful country and life 

For almost 30 years since the last sound of gunshot faded, we can now see the happy smiles and the welcoming handshakes from Vietnamese. While national and religious conflicts are appearing in other parts of the world, Vietnam today offers an amazingly peaceful environment for tourism. The Vietnamese government is stepping forward to boost its potential tourism, making it one of the keys in its national economy.

So why not Vietnam for your vacation in the near future? They’re all packing! What about you?

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