Top sights that reveal the most spectacular aspect of Myanmar

As a traveler, until you meet Myanmar and its unbelievable beauty, you will have to ask yourself how this country has remained undiscovered for so long. It’s such a big regret for the world to just know about Myanmar recently, and let this treasure be unknown all these years. This country is capable of taking your breath away with its unique, “hard-to-imitate” and gorgeous natural landscapes. And these sights below are the undeniable proof proving the charm of Myanmar.

Myanmar’s extremely isolated northernmost city of Putao

Myanmar’s Himalayan region is described as one of earth’s “last frontiers”. The allure of experiencing a cranny of the world very few have seen certainly motivates at least a handful of adventurers to go each year. The gorgeous landscape surrounding Putao provides mountaineers with plenty of shorter, challenging ascents. The best time to trek around Putao is from October to April. A government-issued permit is required to hike.

The view of Bagan from the basket of a hot air balloon

Riding in a hot air balloon is a dream that any Myanmar visitor wants to make real, as a few scenes can compare to the view of Bagan from the basket high above.  The massive scale of the over 3000 temples on the Bagan plain means that you can only truly witness the scale of it all from the air and a slowly floating over is the best way of doing it. This is an iconic experience in your Myanmar tour.

Below the surface of the Mergui Archipelago

With a collection of more than 800 deserted islands, the pristine, flat and untouched for miles beaches, Myeik Archipelago is a state of the dream in any diver’s heart. The archipelago offers great opportunities for exploration and diving amongst spectacular marine life and untouched coral reefs, with yachts and cruise boats designed for that purpose. This place and its gifted beauty make up one of the world’s last remaining paradises beckon to be explored both on and offshore. Just – dive – in!

The Bay of Bengal’s unreal sunsets

Sunset seekers have various beautiful Myanmar beach destinations to choose from when looking for the perfect sandy perch to take in a sunset. The Bay of Bengal laps against Myanmar’s western coast as the scene of one of its many stunning sunsets unfolds. Pick between a lavish sunset viewing party at Ngapali, drinking it in at a beachside bar in Ngwe Saung, or sharing the moment with locals at Chaung Tha.

Myanmar’s mysterious Mrauk U 

To be named as “the lost paradise” of Myanmar, the ancient city Mrauk U in northern Rakhine State isn’t ventured to nearly as much as Bagan, but it can create iconic memories in your Myanmar trip. This place gives you the opportunity to admire a range of temples built from the 15th century lying in the lush hills and small villages. Misty morning is a highlight of this town, as it covers Mrauk U in an “unreal” atmosphere. Travelers will feel like this is the land from an Asian fantasy. You can also visit the riverside villages to experience more exciting adventures.

The floating gardens of Inle Lake

A boat ride on Inle Lake takes travelers down narrow canals, through stilted villages, and upon massive floating gardens. Produce such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and gourds can be grown in the lake. Inle’s floating gardens thrive off nutrients found in the water and have become strong enough masses of roots and grass to be able to bear the weight of the local creators and cultivators.

Traversing the historic Gokteik Viaduct

Gokteik Viaduct is one of Burma’s most stunning man-made marvels built by the colonial British. A train ride across Myanmar’s longest railway bridge, reaching over 300 feet in height and nearly 2,300 feet in length, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Gokteik Viaduct is located halfway between Pyin Oo Lwin and Hsipaw and features on the 6-hour train ride between these two towns. The train ride is the perfect way to sit back and enjoy some of Myanmar’s beautiful countryside, with a nice breeze blowing over you from the open windows.

Hpa-An’s secret lake

Hpa-An’s immense Saddan Cave is truly a sight to behold. Wandering under its naturally vaulted ceilings with colossal stalactites dangling like chandeliers brings cavers to an even bigger surprise out the other side. Resounding darkness opens up to Hpa-An’s tranquil secret lake as it reflects a ring of surrounding lush jaggedness.

Inside Yangon’s colonial buildings

Yangon’s colonial buildings are captivatingly beautiful. The tarnished walls and gritty exposed brick of the city’s architectural grandeur add to its overall charm. A few masterpieces have already been renovated and turned into swanky restaurants and art galleries. For an up-close and personal encounter with Myanmar’s decaying past, try getting approval to enter or at least peek inside.

The Shwedagon Pagoda at night

The Shwedagon Pagoda is special at any time of day, but its colors truly shine at dawn, dusk, and glow golden at night. Locals waiting to give foreigners a tour of the Shwedagon Pagoda will dish this insight. At certain points around the main stupa of the Shwedagon, the moonlight reflects through a large 76-carat diamond nestled at the very top of it. Different colors can be seen by taking a step forward or back.

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