Tips for your quality family vacation in Cambodia

Cambodia is Southeast Asia’s mecca. This a land where all the past desires were built up and then turned into dust. This is where one of the most powerful empires in the region was born and then collapsed. This is the dream of any hot-blooded adventurer, any dreamer, any passionate travelers. But coming to this country with your precious kids? A question may immediately jump out of your head: “Cambodia? With young children? How is that possible?”. And we are here to tell you that it is totally possible, and many kids around the world have done it.

Just taking note of these tips below, and you will realize that adventure trips to far-flung places are not always easy, but if you have an open mind and a venturesome spirit, it can happen. In a spectacular way.

First step: You should plan your budget in details

Vacations to another country make most people see dollar signs, but a visit to a country like Cambodia does not have to be overly expensive. Look at several factors to help manage your budget:

–    Note down all the cities and sites you want to visit, based on your family’s basic interests. Will you want to focus more on the cultural aspect or historical sites?

–    Look at average flight costs throughout the year

–    Investigate average food and drink costs in the cities where you will be traveling. Cambodia is very affordable – local beer costs around $1-2 and a decent meal won’t run you more than $4 – $5.

–    Take a look at the accommodation costs in the cities you are visiting. But don’t worry, the homeland of Angkor Wat will not cost you much.

Second step: Let’s the experts jump in! Contact a trustable travel agent.

A travel agent is invaluable when planning a trip to another country, especially with the Southeast Asia region – where you and your kids may face many cultural differences. It is hard to grab a full and wonderful taste of Cambodia without professional consultation from people who really understand the land.  A travel agent can take care of everything from tours to hotel reservations to beach excursions. They are also there for you for the duration of the trip, in case of problems. If your flight is canceled or your luggage is lost, trip insurance can help. Especially for emergencies like medical problems.

Third step: Know what you should expect

Cambodia has so many things to see, you could spend a year there and not see everything. Realistically, a family with small children will not see as much as they want to see. Kids get tired, have meltdowns, get hungry. A five-hour tour of temples without breaks is absolutely not going to happen. Make sure everyone is on the same page about this before traveling. So you should relax and enjoy the culture. Grab a tuk-tuk ride for $2. Hang out together as a family in an open-air restaurant and just people watch. Cambodia and its people have a rich, complex history and there is so much to experience besides tourist sites. Just enjoy, and your kids will enjoy it in their own way.

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