Discover Siem Reap of Cambodia by wandering all the markets there

Siem Reap of Cambodia is always described as the getaway to the mighty Angkor Wat. However, this title is not enough to create a full view of the town, as Siem Reap hides inside its heart such a vibrant and interesting life. And the best way to blend in the unique and colorful local life is taking your bag and getting ready to wander around all the markets here.

Being made from the lifeblood of locals, Siem Reap markets are a great playground to sharpen your bargaining skills, go on a unique souvenir hunting season, and capture the most detailed view of the Temple town. With many markets to choose from here, we throw the spotlight on some of the best spots to get shopping while being in your Cambodia vacation.

Pshar Chas (Old Market)

Constructed in the 1920s, Phsar Chas sits in the heart of historic Siem Reap. Today, it mainly caters to the mass of foreigners visiting the town, flogging a whole host of souvenirs, slogan T-shirts, and textiles. Art is also sold in the form of paintings, sculptures, and carvings, with books covering Khmer history at a very affordable price.

Angkor Night Market

Despite stiff competition from many copycats since it opened over a decade ago, Angkor Night Market is still standing as the city’s top night market. While the site is currently undergoing upgrades, it remains open and offers stall after stall selling everything your imagination could desire. You can find here a lively bar which goes on until the early hours, and a selection of stalls selling food and drinks. There is also a spot to enjoy a massage in between hitting the shops.

Noon Night Market

Not to be confused with Angkor Night Market, Noon Night Market is just down the road but is smaller. However, it still boasts more than 100 stalls selling everything from ornaments, silverware, and carvings, to movies, clothes, food, and even a tattoo parlor. There are also various vendors serving up local dishes, and a bar that serves up alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Made in Cambodia Market

The Made in Cambodia Market does what it says on the tin: sells and promotes quality crafts and goods, all made in Cambodia. While local markets may well be filled with items from Vietnam and China, this daily market takes in artisan goods from a range of designers and organizations, including Saomao, Rehash Trash, and Friends International. With the main aim of the market being to celebrate local artisans, visitors can meet those responsible for making the handicrafts and learn more. Set at the King’s Road Angkor complex on Siem Reap River, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars to refuel at.

Phsar Leu Thom Thmey

Referred to locally as Phsar Leu, this is Siem Reap’s largest market – and the most authentic. Located slightly out of town on National Road 6, locals flock here daily to bag the best bargains. Local to the core, it is a maze of stalls selling raw meats, flapping fish and seafood, phones, clothes, and household items. While prices are definitely cheaper here, expect very little English to be spoken.

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