You Cannot Miss These 8 Places To Visit In Vietnam In September


When September rolls around, Vietnam casts off its summer swelter and slips into something utterly irresistible. This seductive land beckons adventurers with a kaleidoscope of vibrant experiences, where ancient temples dance alongside modern marvels. Prepare to be utterly bewitched as we unveil the most spellbinding places to visit in Vietnam in September when its charms are on full, mesmerizing display.

What to Know When Traveling to Vietnam in September

Vietnam’s Weather in September

September is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting times to explore Vietnam. The country unveils a tapestry of captivating weather patterns that provide ideal conditions for an unforgettable adventure.


Vietnam’s distinct climates in September

  • Northern Vietnam

In the north, September unveils a delightful tapestry of weather perfection. 

The summer heat gently subsides, giving way to occasional light showers dancing across clear skies. With average temperatures hovering around a comfortable 28°C (82°F), the far mountainous regions like Sapa and Mu Cang Chai offer a refreshing coolness. 

This month also marks a particularly picturesque time to witness the golden rice fields that blanket the northern landscapes. As the rice turns from yellow-green to a dreamy golden hue, it’s a splendid sight that beckons photographers and nature enthusiasts alike, signaling the arrival of the harvest season.

  • Central Vietnam 

Central Vietnam, however, finds itself in the midst of the rainy season during September, a time when tourism activities may not be ideal. 

Cities like Hoi An, Hue, Da Nang, Dalat, and the Central Highlands brace themselves for an unstoppable onslaught of rain. The chilly, wet weather and the potential for storms and floods towards the end of the month can dampen spirits. 

Yet, despite this climatic challenge, Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) emerges as a promising destination, with relatively less rain than other parts of the region.

  • Southern Vietnam 

In the south, September marks a transition as the rainy season begins to wane, with rainfall decreasing as the month progresses. Despite the lingering tropical heat (average temperature of 28°C/82°F), the occasional rain showers offer a refreshing respite. 

This is also the time when the Mekong Delta experiences its flooding season, unveiling a beautiful and unique landscape that invites water-based activities and exploration.

Prepare For Your September Trip

To fully immerse yourself in the enchanting tapestry of Vietnam during the mesmerizing month of September, proper planning and packing are crucial:

  • Pack light, breathable clothing and comfortable walking shoes
  • Carry a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for sun protection
  • An umbrella or lightweight rain jacket for unexpected showers
  • Insect repellent to ward off mosquitoes
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or coconut juice
  • Have backup plans to enjoy your trip even if it suddenly rains and you can’t partake in outdoor activities.
  • Try to avoid going to places with a high likelihood of rain.

8 Places to Visit in Vietnam in September


Why should you visit Hanoi in September:

  • Mid-Autumn Festival: This important Vietnamese holiday, also known as the Moon Festival, typically falls in late September. During this time, Hanoi comes alive with colorful lanterns, traditional moon cakes, and celebratory events that provide a glimpse into the country’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Fewer Crowds: September is considered the shoulder season for tourism in Hanoi, meaning there are fewer crowds and lower prices compared to the peak summer months. This can make it easier to navigate popular attractions and get more value for your money.
  • Vibrant Street Life: With the milder weather, Hanoi’s streets are bustling with activity in this month. Visitors can immerse themselves in the lively night markets, street food stalls, and the overall energy of the city.
  • Affordable Accommodation: Hotel rates and other accommodation options are generally more affordable during the shoulder season in September, making it a budget-friendly time to visit Hanoi.


Hanoi in September offers a unique experience of life

September marks an enchanting time to experience the vibrant capital city of Hanoi. As summer’s sweltering heat subsides, the city takes on a delightful ambiance, inviting visitors to explore its rich cultural tapestry. 

Stroll through the bustling Old Quarter, where narrow streets teem with vendors selling everything from mouthwatering street food to exquisite traditional handicrafts. This month offers ideal conditions to meander through the tranquil grounds of the Temple of Literature, a serene oasis dedicated to Confucian scholars. Witness locals practicing tai chi or engaging in lively games of chess in the park surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the mesmerizing water puppet shows. This unique Vietnamese art form brings folklore to life on a watery stage, captivating audiences with its intricate puppetry and traditional music.

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Ha Giang

Why should you visit Ha Giang in September:

  • Stunning Autumn Foliage: September is the prime time to witness the breathtaking autumn foliage in Ha Giang’s mountainous landscape. The rolling hills and valleys are blanketed in vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red, creating a mesmerizing natural spectacle.
  • Fewer Crowds: Similar to Hanoi, September is considered the shoulder season in Ha Giang, so there are typically fewer tourists compared to the peak summer months. This allows visitors to enjoy the region’s attractions with more space and a more serene atmosphere.
  • Ideal Trekking Conditions: The moderate temperatures and lower humidity in September make it an excellent time for trekking and hiking through Ha Giang’s scenic trails. The weather is comfortable, and the risk of heavy rains disrupting outdoor activities is lower.
  • Accessibility and Logistics: The roads and infrastructure in Ha Giang are generally in better condition during the drier months, making transportation and logistics easier for tourists visiting in September.


Ha Giang has a pleasant weather and lower risk of heavy rain in September

The remote northern province of Ha Giang truly shines in September, unveiling its rugged beauty to adventurous travelers. 

This is the prime season to embark on a motorcycle journey along the legendary Happiness Road, a winding route that carves through dramatic karst landscapes and past terraced rice fields painted in hues of golden harvest. As you navigate the twists and turns, stop to marvel at the otherworldly beauty of the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting towering limestone pinnacles and ancient rock carvings. 

Immerse yourself in the region’s rich cultural tapestry by visiting remote ethnic minority villages. The Hmong, Tay, and Nung communities proudly preserve their traditions, offering a glimpse into a way of life unchanged for generations.

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Mu Cang Chai

Why should you visit Mu Cang Chai in September:

  • Stunning Rice Terraces: Mu Cang Chai is renowned for its breathtaking, cascading rice terraces. In September, these terraces are in their prime, with the lush green paddy fields transitioning into a stunning golden hue as the crops mature, creating a mesmerizing natural landscape.
  • Ideal Trekking Season: September’s temperate weather, with average temperatures around 25°C (77°F), makes it an excellent time for trekking and hiking through the region’s mountainous terrain. The reduced rainfall also enhances the accessibility and enjoyment of outdoor activities.
  • Cultural Immersion: September typically coincides with the Harvest Festival in Mu Cang Chai, where visitors can witness the vibrant celebrations and traditions of the local Hmong ethnic minority community. This includes colorful parades, traditional music and dance performances, and opportunities to engage with the locals.
  • Photogenic Scenery: The combination of the golden rice terraces, traditional villages, and dramatic mountain backdrops makes Mu Cang Chai a photographer’s dream destination, especially in September when the lighting and colors are at their most captivating.


Nestled in the northwestern mountains, the remote district of Mu Cang Chai truly dazzles in September

The breathtaking terraced rice fields transition into a mesmerizing sea of golden hues during this time. It’s the prime time to witness the culmination of the harvest season. The intricate patchwork of rice paddies carved into the mountainsides takes on a surreal beauty that has drawn photographers from around the world.

Embark on a hike through the verdant slopes, passing by traditional ethnic minority villages where locals tend to their fields using age-old techniques passed down through generations. Marvel at the intricate irrigation systems and the stunning patterns created by the terraced fields, which serve as a testament to the ingenuity and resilience of the region’s people.

Lan Ha Bay

Why should you visit Lan Ha Bay in September:

  • Spectacular Scenery: Lan Ha Bay is known for its breathtaking landscape of towering karst formations, pristine beaches, and turquoise waters. The mild weather in September allows you to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the area, whether you’re kayaking, taking a boat tour, or hiking on the islands.
  • Diverse Marine Life: September is a great time to spot a variety of marine life in Lan Ha Bay. You may have the chance to see different species of dolphins, sea turtles, and a wide array of colorful fish while snorkeling or diving.
  • Lower Prices: Due to the slightly lower tourist season, you can often find more affordable prices for accommodations, tours, and other activities in Lan Ha Bay during September. This can be a great time to visit if you’re looking to stretch your travel budget further.


Plan a visit to Lan Ha Bay this September

In September, Lan Ha Bay experiences autumn, providing a welcome break from the summer heat with occasional short-lived rain showers, followed by cool breezes and pleasant weather. 

This is the perfect time to visit this picturesque area of the Halong Bay region, as the off-peak season means fewer local tourists, resulting in fewer crowds and attractive promotions for booking a Lan Ha Bay cruise. With fewer visitors, you can expect attentive service and a more tranquil atmosphere, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the bay. 

Picture crystal-clear blue skies reflecting in the emerald waters, inviting you to enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or exploring the captivating floating villages scattered across the landscape.

Da Nang

Why should you visit Da Nang in September:

  • Proximity to Nearby Attractions: Da Nang serves as an excellent base for exploring nearby destinations, such as Hoi An, Hue, and the Hai Van Pass. The mild weather and reduced crowds in September can make day trips and excursions to these popular sites more enjoyable.
  • Cultural Festivals: September often coincides with various cultural festivals and celebrations in Da Nang, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival. You can immerse in the vibrant local traditions and festivities during your stay.
  • Affordable Accommodation: Hotel rates and other accommodations in Da Nang tend to be more affordable during the September low season, making it a cost-effective time for travelers to visit.
  • Outdoor Activities: The combination of pleasant weather and fewer tourists makes September an ideal time to participate in outdoor activities in and around Da Nang, such as hiking, cycling, water sports, and exploring the city’s beautiful beaches.


In September, Da Nang enjoys temperatures and lower humidity than in peak summer months

Vietnam’s coastal city of Da Nang comes alive in September, offering a perfect blend of urban attractions and natural wonders. As the summer heat dissipates, it’s an ideal time to stroll along the iconic Dragon Bridge and witness its nightly show of fire and water displays. 

Explore the charming Hoi An Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that transports you back in time with its well-preserved architecture and vibrant lantern-lit streets. Venture to the nearby Marble Mountains, a cluster of limestone and marble hills with hidden pagodas and caves to explore. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to relax on the pristine beaches of Non Nuoc or indulge in the city’s thriving culinary scene, savoring fresh seafood and local delicacies.

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Mui Ne

Why should you visit Mui Ne in September:

  • Ideal Beach Weather: September in Mui Ne is characterized by warm, sunny days and moderate temperatures, typically averaging around 28-32°C (82-90°F). This makes it an excellent time to enjoy the beautiful beaches, ocean activities, and outdoor recreation.
  • Kite Surfing Season: September marks the start of the prime kite surfing season in Mui Ne, with consistent wind conditions and optimal water temperatures. This makes it an excellent destination for both experienced kite surfers and those interested in trying the sport.
  • Colorful Sand Dunes: The iconic sand dunes of Mui Ne, known for their stunning red and white hues, are particularly photogenic in September as the lighting and conditions create dramatic shadows and contrasts.
  • Proximity to Nearby Attractions: Mui Ne serves as a convenient base for exploring nearby destinations, such as Phan Thiet, Da Lat, and Takou Mountain. The mild weather and reduced crowds in September can make day trips and excursions to these sites more enjoyable.


September brings perfect conditions for beach enthusiasts and adventurers in Mui Ne coastal town

With warm temperatures and gentle breezes, it’s the prime season for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and lounging on the golden sandy beaches. Venture inland to explore the nearby Red Sand Dunes, where you can sandboard down the vibrant slopes or witness the mesmerizing “fairy stream” that winds through the dunes. 

Visit the nearby fishing villages to experience the local way of life, or indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment at one of the many wellness resorts in the area. This is the perfect time to soak up the sun and embrace the outdoor adventures that Mui Ne has to offer.

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Nha Trang

Why should you visit Nha Trang in September:

  • Optimal Beach Weather: September in Nha Trang is characterized by warm, sunny days with average temperatures around 28-32°C (82-90°F). The weather is ideal for enjoying the city’s beautiful beaches, watersports, and outdoor activities.
  • Favorable Conditions for Water Sports: The mild weather and calmer seas in September create ideal conditions for a variety of water sports in Nha Trang. Visitors can engage in activities such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of Nha Trang’s coastal environment.
  • Exploration of Nearby Islands: Nha Trang serves as a gateway to the stunning Nha Trang Islands, a cluster of picturesque islands just off the coast. Day trips or overnight stays on the islands can provide a refreshing and rejuvenating escape from the mainland, allowing travelers to disconnect and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region.


As the summer heat dissipates, September beckons visitors to the vibrant coastal city of Nha Trang

This is the perfect time to enjoy the warm waters, pristine beaches, and lively beachfront promenade lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops. Venture offshore to snorkel or dive amidst the vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life of the Hon Mun Marine Protected Area. For a unique cultural experience, visit the Po Nagar Cham Towers, ancient Hindu temples that offer a glimpse into Vietnam’s rich history. 

Don’t forget to indulge in the local seafood delicacies, from fresh-caught fish to delectable crab dishes. September offers the ideal combination of comfortable weather and lively atmosphere in Nha Trang.

Mekong Delta

Why should you visit the Mekong Delta in September:

  • Festivals and Celebrations: September is a festive time in the Mekong Delta, with several important festivals and celebrations taking place. This includes the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is a popular harvest festival with vibrant lantern displays, traditional music and dance performances, and special regional foods.
  • Lush Landscapes: September falls during the rainy season in the Mekong Delta, which means the landscapes are lush, green, and bustling with life. The delta’s rivers, canals, and rice fields are at their fullest, creating beautiful scenery.
  • Floating Markets: The famous floating markets of the Mekong Delta, such as Cai Rang and Phong Dien, are in full operation during September. Visitors can browse the colorful boats selling fresh produce, street food, and handicrafts.
  • Cooler Temperatures: Compared to the hot and humid conditions of the summer, September brings slightly cooler and more comfortable temperatures, making outdoor exploration and activities more pleasant.


The Mekong Delta’s natural splendor is best admired during this time

Although September falls within the rainy season in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam, it is also a time when this fertile area unveils its unique and enchanting beauty, unlike anywhere else in the world. 

As the rains arrive, the water levels in rivers and fields rise, ushering in the annual floating water season that lasts until November. This influx of water breathes new life into the surrounding landscapes, nurturing lush greenery and providing a thriving habitat for diverse flora and fauna.

Embark on a boat tour through the intricate network of canals and waterways, passing by floating markets, lush orchards, and traditional stilt houses. Witness the daily life of locals as they navigate the waters, tending to their farms and fishing for the day’s catch. 

September through November is considered the best time to admire the natural splendor of the Mekong Delta, from the precious birdlife in the national parks and natural reserves to the wild beauty of the mangrove forests that line the waterways.

Let’s Spend Your September in Vietnam

September is an alluring time to explore Vietnam’s diverse destinations. With comfortable weather and fewer crowds, this month offers ideal conditions for immersing yourself in the country’s rich cultural tapestry, natural wonders, and coastal delights. From vibrant cities to fertile landscapes, Vietnam unveils a captivating array of experiences for travelers seeking cultural immersion, outdoor adventures, or serene escapes during this enchanting time of year.

Ready to plan your holiday in Vietnam in September? Craft your unforgettable getaway with Asia Pioneer Travel to experience the country’s diverse charms during this enchanting month.

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