Best Time To Visit Bali

Bali, Indonesia enjoys a balmy tropical climate with little temperature differences year-round. The average year-round temperature stands at 26-27°C. So it just depends on you to decide the time for your vacation in Bali.

The two main seasons on Bali are: Dry Season and Rainy Season. The dry season comes around April -September, while the rainy season is from October – March.


January is Bali’s wettest and “coldest” month with an average temperature of 26°C. The rainfall changes depending on the area. The central – north highlands will see more rain than the southern coast. There will be frequent heavy showers in the early afternoon. In case you’re planning to go surfing in Bali, this might not be the best month. However, there are still a number of good surfing spots if you head to the east coast of Bali in Serangan, Sanur and Nusa Dua.


Similar to January, February is a wet humid month on Bali. February is a low season for tourists, which means fewer people and better deals. If you are staying on the coast, pack light cotton and breathable clothes with you: it can get pretty sticky out there. If you are venturing inland and on the central peaks, then bring layers as it may get a bit chilly with the rain or in the evening.


Bali will welcome you with sunny days with a bright clear blue sky in March. Rainy days can still happen, but there are more sunny days and clean fresh air. March is also when nature blooms. The endless tropical forests and the beautiful rice fields look more emerald than ever. It’s a perfect time to explore the central highlands of Bali.

Note: March is the month of “Nyepi,” the most magical day in Bali that marks the beginning of the New Lunar Calendar, the “Caka” calendar. On the day of “Nyepi” or the “Day of Silence”, the main restrictions are no lighting fires, lights must be kept low, no working, no activities of entertainment or pleasure, no traveling, and for some, no talking or eating all day. While these rules aren’t entirely applied for tourists, who are still free to do as they wish, all of the activities must be kept in-house.


Bali enjoys the most sunshine during April. It also marks the beginning of the dry season and the festival season. Bali Spirit Festival is the most famous event in April. It’s Asia’s largest yoga, art and music festival, held in a picturesque location close to the town of Ubud.

Not only that, there will be cacao ceremonies, concerts and dance sessions in April. If you’re a foodie, join the Ubud Food Festival, a three-day event presenting the best dishes on Bali.

Bali Spirit Festival



With average temperatures reaching 28°C, May is the hottest month on Bali. The month sees fewer tourists on the island, accompanied by sunny days and blue sky. It’s the perfect time for surfing on the southern coast of Uluwatu, Seminyak and Canggu.


June’s weather can be quite unpredictable as this is the changing season on Bali. June is also the month when the annual Bali Arts Festival is held. It’s one of the best events to fully experience Balinese culture and performances. June is also the beginning of the high season.


This is the high season for traveling Bali following the national school holiday. July sees excellent weather, ideal for water activities by the coastline. Don’t miss the annual Bali Kite Festival, when the sky is full of eye-catching traditional Balinese kites, which come in various forms of animals (dragon, bat, etc.) and gigantic size (4m in width and almost 10m in length).

Bali Kite Festival


August is perfect to travel up north and discover the evergreen Balinese jungle and stunning northern beaches. Ubud Village Jazz Festival and Sanur Village Festival are both must-go events. August 17 is Indonesia Independence Day so make sure to celebrate with locals.


This is actually a great time to visit the island when the weather is still good, the waves are perfect for surfing and the prices get lower. Some events of the month are Bali International Film Festival, Ultra Bali and Bestival.


Get ready for the rainy season. Bali’s central highlands may experience the change earlier than on the coastline. Join the Bali Vegan festival and Ubud writers & readers festival in this month.


If you’re looking for a retreat in Bali, come in November. With probably the least visitors during this time, enjoy a different Bali when everything slows down and the island embraces a more relaxing vibe. Spend a good amount of time for some spa treatment or mediation or take your time with a cup of the tasty Balinese coffee and meet interesting people.


Bali becomes busy again in December since travelers come and spend their Christmas and New Year holiday here. If you want some impressive photos for the holiday, come to the Nusa Dua Light Festival. Otherwise, head for the Pemuteran Bay Festival– a celebration of ecotourism, exotic dances, music and food.

Generally, the best months to visit Bali are April – June and September – October, while the weather is still very much enjoyable and good for some trekking and surfing, but with the joy of fewer tourist crowds.

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