Bali’s Green Destinations For Your Instagram Feed

We have introduced the top temples to visit in Bali, so how about some greenery for your Instagram? Because while the temples in Bali are beautiful and extremely pleasant to explore, the island is also renowned for its untouched nature with some of the sights so uniquely Bali!

  1. Tegalalang rice terraces

Tegalalang rice field

You may already have this spot on your list, but of course, when talking about the most photogenic locations in Bali, travelers wouldn’t want to skip Tegalalang rice terraces. Found right in the central region of Bali – Ubud, any photos taken at the famous rice terraces can become a work of art. Endless greenery across the lush valley with a backdrop of towering mountains, plus the fresh earthy scent in the air, all make the perfect spot for relaxing as well as the chance to snaps awe-inspiring photos. Your friends on Instagram will be jealous, we promise!

  1. Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida

Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida

Ready to have your breath taken away by the gorgeous view of Kelingking Beach from above? If you are determined to take the best photos when in Bali, DON’T MISS OUT on this! Take a speedboat from Bali to Nusa Penida, climb a bit and you’ll be rewarded with the wonderful sight of the cliffs forming the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Not only the T-rex shaped cliffs, but the turquoise water is also pretty soothing for the eyes too.

When you are climbing to the main viewpoint, watch out for your steps! The only thing that keeps you safe is the bamboo railing. So take your steps carefully! In case you are not very keen on the slim railing, stay at the top, the view from there is no less breathtaking and still guarantees perfect shots!

  1. Bali Swing

Bali swing

Will any holidays in Bali be complete without (now) a picture on the Bali swing?! We doubt that. The Bali swing offers a picturesque view over the beautiful palm tree valley with a river or over the fertile rice paddies rolling down the hills. The Balinese nature ambiance will capture your heart.

For the best photos, time your visit and come at dusk or dawn. The rose golden light casting over the green valley is the only filter effect you will need.

  1. Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Banyumala twin waterfall

The name may not ring any bell the first time you heard it as the waterfall is located a bit up north, away from the chaotic scene of south Bali. But that also means you can enjoy the essence of Banyumala waterfall without crawling your way between the tourist crowds.

What to expect here? A not very easy trek following the bamboo trails, and two EPIC parallel waterfalls, separated only by the rocks holding them together. The twin finally meets again at the bottom where they form a hole of clean freshwater – perfect for dipping and swimming, so spoil yourself after the trek!

  1. Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan ridge walk

A relatively easy walk which, officially, is only about 2km long. You will be following a paved trail with the impressive surrounding scenery and lovely green rice terraces. Not only you will have all the nice scenery mostly to yourself, but it also allows you to do some light exercise after enjoying tons of good food in Bali (who wouldn’t gain a bit of weight after their holiday in Bali?!).

Because of the hot and humid weather in Bali, get here early if you can, or else risk sweating buckets. It only takes a short time to reach the starting point of Campuhan Ridge Walk from the centre of Ubud. Clear mornings and afternoons give chances to admire the magnificent view of Mount Agung and outlying small village houses by the rice fields. Although there are some coffee shops along the walk, it’s recommended to wear your hat, take a bottle of water with you and wear sunscreen.

  1. Monkey Forest Ubud

The full name of this place is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, but ask anybody in Bali about the Ubud Monkey Forest, they will know what you are referring to. The monkey forest lies within the village of Padangtegal. More than a sanctuary, this is considered a sacred forest by the villagers.

You will, obviously, find the Balinese long-tail monkeys here, but the forest is home to more than 180 other species. There are some temples, built around the mid 14th century, and stone carvings located on the forest ground. The entire forest amid a mystical atmosphere with old temples and giant tree roots bending around bridges.

Tips: Avoid bringing items such as sunglasses, keys, hats and jewelry into the forest if possible. Watch out for your phone and purse, too. While the monkeys are used to the appearance of visitors, they are wild animals so try to follow the guidelines and not evoke them.

  1. Thousand Island Viewpoint

Another gorgeous destination to add on your Bali list! Located on the east coast of Nusa Penida island, the Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu) viewpoint offers breathtaking scenery but remains a lesser-known spot to the public.

Words alone may not be able to convey the beauty of it, but ‘breathtaking’ is what we will settle for now. From the Thousand Island Viewpoint, look out to the azure ocean and across hundreds of tiny islands, feel the breezy wind caressing your skin. This will be one of the best experiences you can have during your trip in Bali.

The viewpoint holds another gift for those who come to visit and stay the night – it’s the top spot for sunrise viewing in Nusa Penida. Book a night at the Rumah Pohon Treehouse (be early, the place may be booked for months ahead). The treehouse sets in so well with the nature that it only makes your photos look more stunning.

  1. Devil’s Tears

Devil's Tears

Now that we have the top spot for sunrise viewing on Nusa Penida, where are you heading to for sunset? If you haven’t heard of it, come to see Devil’s Tears.

Once you see it, you’ll understand the meaning behind the name Devil’s Tears. Watch the show of waves crashing against the rocks, and the result is a huge spray of mist in the air like the devil is shedding tears. This is one of the coolest spots you’ll come across on the island of Nusa Penida.

As the rocks look directly out to the ocean, you will have the panorama of the sun setting over the horizon. The blue water reflects the golden sunlight make the scenery nothing short of fascinating. That’s why some travelers deem the Devil’s Tears the top spot for sunset watching in Bali.

One thing to remember is to keep enough distance or you will need a change of clothes!

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