4 Facts prove that Private tour would stop your travel worries

Choosing a type of tour is always a challenge for any holidaymaker. While hitting the path on your own sounds romantic, you may miss some of the destinations’ best as it is a whole new world where a local insight is always a great asset. The second choice is a large guided tour which pushes you into a group of strangers, waiting for other and time schedules is set like concrete, not to mention limited time at important attractions or sight-seeing from the moving bus.

So why not a private tour?

First thing first, it’s YOUR OWN holiday, and you deserve the best.

You’ve been working hard, living with butter and cheese to save for a long time, doing tons of researches and dreaming a great deal of what you want to do in your vacation by yourself, for your very own. A private tour allows you to make all of your wish-list possible.

It comes with the flexibility

Picking up a private tour means that you are not bound by any fixed things. Find something really interesting along the way? Don’t worry; your private tour guide can alter the tour to include other similar sights. If you need a tour focus or have special interests in a particular aspect of culture, you can always ask in advance. No matter you want to discover more about hill tribe minorities or need Vitamin Sea in urgent, the tour designer will find the best solution to satisfy their customer.

It is an unfixed itinerary and options are endless.

It is your tailor-made, exclusively for you.

In your private tour, a relaxed atmosphere tailored to your interests is created. You don’t need to worry about being rushed to the next stop before you’ve had a chance to really take in that impressive monument. You decide where to go, when to go, where to stay and how long to stay. Your private tour guide will focus on your needs and have to make sure that you get what you want at each stop.

And there is not any stranger who could annoy you here, only you and your fellow travelers in your own party. You are put in charge, in which you choose the hotels and restaurants, schedule the flights and activities. In case you have no idea yet, describe what you want to your tour operators and the results may make you surprised. Remember, they give suggestions, you are the decision-maker.

Everything is built up basing on your interests, needs, and budget.

Service with Personal Touch

You will never feel alone as your personal travel consultant will be at your service 24/24 throughout this journey. They are ready to support in any case, follow the whole itinerary to have timely actions and handle all the potential problems to ensure your tour would run as smoothly as possible. Sometimes incurred problems were solved before you realize. This is how this smokeless industry works and competes.

Your tour package includes a private and comfortable car with your own driver who is always ready to transfer you to the next destination. Your private tour guide is also there for answering any question about the destination you’d most like to ask on the topic you find interesting. You’ll have your own time to unwind, and when you need something special, your tour guide and the local company can always help you out.

Private tour, at your service!

You get more than what you pay for

You get what you pay for, but with a private tour, you may get more than expected. The cost for a private tour looks a bit higher than a group tour; in fact, it is much better value for money.

You also save a lot of time on a private tour. No waiting for late fellow travelers, no forced shopping stops, no long line to visit a site, no slow move in the street due to the large size bus, etc.

But most importantly there is no price for experiences or lessons we collect on the road.

So dust off your passports and book your private Southeast Asian tour now.

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