1, Is it safe to travel to Thailand?

Thailand is a very safe country to visit. As a Buddhist country, Thai people are honest and very friendly. As you travel the country, you will be greeted by people with big smiles on their faces, hence the country’s lovely nickname is ‘The Land of Smiles’.

Each year, Thailand welcomes millions of visitors and is one of the most visited destinations in the world. So there’s no doubt it is not only a safe country but a wonderful destination to visit as well.

At this moment, Thailand closed for tourists till the end of Jun 2020 until further notice.

2, Do I need a visa for Thailand?

Passengers arriving via an international airport will be given a 30-day visa exemption stamp.

While citizens from Southeast Asia, the USA and most countries from the EU can enter Thailand without visa, others are required. For those who would prefer to get a visa, a valid tourist visa offers a maximum of a 60-day stay.

The Thai visa photo criteria are 6 cm high x 4 cm wide on a bright background color.

The requirement for a visa to enter Thailand depends on the country you come from. You can let us know your nationality and our travel consultant can help with professional advice.


3, What is the maximum weight for check-in luggage with domestic flights?

A: The policy of weight for check-in luggage is different for airlines. Normally, you have 7kg for hand luggage and 15kg for check-in luggage. Accurate information will be updated according to each specific flight by your private travel consultant.


4, How should I dress for the tour with you?

A: Thailand is a tropical country, so sunny and hot weather, and humidity can be high as well. If you are visiting in the rainy season, there can be heavy showers during the day. Thus, Light, comfortable, easy to launder clothing is recommended. Good walking shoes and sandals that can be easily removed are recommended, especially when entering temples and people’s homes. When entering temples, please wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders to show your respect for the local culture.


5, Advices for the Time zone, telephone charges, communication methods.

 A: Thailand’s Standard time zone is UTC/GMT +7:00 hours

You are usually charged 3 Baht per call to a local landline number. The lowest rates for domestic long-distance landline calls are between 10 pm and 7 am.

The country code for Thailand is +66. To dial to a fixed number in Thailand from a foreign country dial: 00 (International Access Code) + 66 + area code + phone number.


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