Southeast Asian destinations help you celebrate an unforgettable Tropical Christmas

If the idea of snow, ice, cold wind, old Christmas songs becomes too enough for another year, why don’t you prepare for a tropical Christmas celebration? And Southeast Asia, with the unique charm and a perfect distance for a getaway, is the right choice for a relaxed holiday away from all the old things that cause blood to boil.

And if you still need a small push, we are here to inspire. Don’t be hesitant to look at these destinations below to define a perfect Southeast Asia vacation for you and your family this year-end.

The 4,000 Islands, Laos

The famous 4,000 Islands are located in Southern Laos, which we are not quite sure that the exact island number is 4000, but lots nevertheless. These lovely islands are dotted in the mighty Mekong river – some no more than trees on sandbanks, while others have sleepy towns with some shops and guesthouses on them. This destination is perfect for hiring a bike to visit some gorgeous waterfalls, and if you are lucky, get ready to spot a rare river dolphin. In case you are looking for an ideal Christmas with no car horns, party noises, only the breathtaking landscape with a hanging hammock and waterfalls, book your Laos vacation as soon as possible.

Koh Rong Samoem, Cambodia

Koh Rong Samoem is less developed than the other islands in the region, offering its visitors white sand, turquoise waters and more simple beach-style accommodation. It will help you to have a totally different view of beach vacation with its unique and wild natural beauty, when you are ready to put your smartphone down, log out your Facebook and Twitter account, just you and a book and the view. Be sure to take the 20-minute walk through the jungle in the middle of the island during the day and wander down the shore at night and enjoy some casual dining at the beachside restaurants and bars.

Ngapali Bay, Myanmar (Burma)

As the most recent discovery in Southeast Asia, Ngapali Bay is totally worth the word “treasure”. It is charming in its own different way with a calm sea, a magnificent stretch coastline and a jungle with some thatched roofing. But don’t be fooled by these untouched landscapes and consider that there is no western-style hotel here. You would have no idea there are so many fabulous boutique hotels nestled in the jungle. It’s developed in the perfect way – there are lots of luxury and lovely hotels on offer, but it’s still a quiet and peaceful destination with a fabulous wide sandy beach, making it an ideal destination for your Christmas getaway.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

If it is said that Christmas is an opportunity to make it home, why don’t you take a visit to the Home of rivers? The Mekong Delta is home to hundreds of crisscrossing streams, rivers and canals – this vast riverway is the lifeline of the people in South Vietnam who live, work and breath the river. The lush land provides the real definition of “experience”. As this where you can watch and do many interesting things, like watch how coconuts are turned into everything from candy to drinks and bowls by the locals, watch how rice noodles are made, cycle through lush fruit orchards, or rise before sunrise to catch the floating market at its most authentic. This mighty land will give you the best in the miracle moments of Christmas time.

Pai, Thailand

With the perfect weather of bright sunshine, fresh wind, and around the high twenties degrees Celsius, Thailand still keeps up the winning title for some winter sun. Pai is a perfect choice for travelers who are looking more than just beaches, and also a must for those who prefer to leave behind the stress of Christmas on the plane and really kickback. Just come here, lay down and breathe the unique hippy atmosphere. You can have anything you want for a Christmas vacation here (which we mean, a real vacation, not the one with big turkey and “Christmas comin’ to town” so on so on), from the chilled out vibes, waterfalls, amazing caves, super-good food, and shopping spree in a range of the artisan stalls.

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