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Thailand is always a dream, and its heart, the capital Bangkok is such an incredible hotchpotch of tastes, flavors, and colors that anyone would find it hard to get jaded. For many years, this city has been named “The most visited city” in the world, and it deserves its title. Bangkok can be explored in many aspects, from culture, food, to shopping and activities. And in this small writing piece, we want to introduce some of the most unique and brand new ways to discover the city.

Dive with the sharks in the middle of Bangkok! Can you believe it?

We all know Thailand’s Koh Tao is the undisputed diving mecca of Southeast Asia. But if one day you wake up in your hotel room in Bangkok and you have this inexplicable urge to dine… er… dive with the sharks, what should you do? But Bangkok is such a magical land when the answer is actually “yes, you totally can”. And Siam Ocean World is where you are going to head to.

Being surrounded and circled by jaw-dropping creatures such as the Grey Nurse, Blacktip, or Leopard sharks will almost make you forget to breathe – which might prove hazardous because breathing is the number one rule of scuba diving! Your Instagram pictures will look so amazing, and be ready to get thousands of “double tab”. The dive will set you back twice as much as a normal dive in Phuket or Ko Tao, but exclusive experiences have never been known as pocket-friendly.

Whale watching on a simple day trip. And yes, it’s Whale!

If the “shark tank” in Siam does not really impress you then we think whale-watching may have a chance? Just with an organized tour just two hours away from Bangkok, you can marvel at a unique spectacle for which many go as far as Iceland to witness.

Although a premier hotspot in Southeast Asia, this adventure is highly unpredictable due to the whales’ penchant for playing hide-and-seek, and the tour does not guarantee you will spot them. But along the journey, you will have a qualified cetologist – a whale expert – to give you the lowdown on these stunning Bryde’s whales, have your line of vision spoiled with fishermen floating villages, and enjoy a delectable lunch. However, the downside is that by the end of the trip you may not want to get back to Bangkok.

Become a blue blood at The House on Sathorn

It’s time to get fancy! And the heritage mansion – The house on Sathorn – which is more than 100-year-olds will make you feel like nothing but royalty. After all, up until recently, the building served as the residence for the Russian Embassy. The sophisticated opulence is reflected in the fine-art design and décors that have been masterfully blended into the culinary genius of a globalist chef. It is the age of eating beautifully, so don’t miss this perfect landmark in your Thailand vacation.

Venice, here we come! At Yodpiman River Walk

Bangkok has long been known as the Venice of the East, but now more than ever this description fits the city perfectly. Defined by heritage architecture from the Ayutthaya period and colonial-style décors, Yodpiman is an enticing community mall next to the 4th largest flower market in the world.

Located along the Chao Praya River, the mall is much smaller than most of Bangkok’s famous shopping spree venues, but this is exactly what will transport you to a nostalgic time of the Old City. With a plethora of great restaurants along the second-floor balcony which offers incredible vistas at dusk, there is no doubt this place will soon draw in the hordes of tourists hanging out at nearby Asiatique market.

For adrenaline junkies, we have Parkour

Parkour is such a European sport and it’s no wonder that the experienced trainers originate from France and the UK. It’s highly unlikely that after a few sessions you will be able to jump around from building to building in Singapore, for obvious reasons. However, this new regimen might inject some enthusiasm and adrenaline into your jaded workout creed. Or at least you’ll find yourself exercising for longer and gawking at your smartphone for less.

Party European style on Chao Phraya River

If you have ever experienced Bangkok, you surely know that this city is a heaven for party lovers. The Khaosan road, all the clubs, and the nightlife here make us have to say, the locals know how to play. So, what will happen if they can move the party from the land to the river?

For this very reason, some brilliant entrepreneurial minds have cooked up a new idea in Bangkok’s entertainment labs so that we can all make the most of what this spectacular city has to offer. Joining other 300 ecstatic party-goers, you can take in the beautiful cityscape at night on trancelike techno beats from local and international DJs. Oppa Bangkok Style!

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