Check all this list while being in Hue, the imperial city of Vietnam

The historical city of Hue was once Vietnam’s national capital from 1802-1945 as its central location meant the Nguyen Dynasty emperors could rule both the North and the South with ease. Full of historical significance and relics from the past, this charming city still remains steeped in history and culture today and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

So while being in this imperial city of Vietnam, don’t forget to:

Gaze up at Thien Mu Pagoda

Located on the north side of the Perfume River, on elevated ground, the Thien Mu Pagoda is an important religious and spiritual site. One of Hue’s most-visited attractions and a symbol of the city, the soaring pagoda features intricate details and beautiful sculptures. The surrounding area has many fragrant and colorful flowers too.

Discover the Imperial Tombs


Hue is home to numerous tombs of emperors from the past and they are all unique. With some surrounded by moats, lush forests or even high concrete walls, every tomb will give you the experience to remember. The past seems to be still here, in this pretty city, and you will collect a lot of historical stories along your road.

Visit the Thanh Toan Village

Located 8km east of Hue, Thanh Toan Village is famous for its beautiful roads, peaceful rural landscape and particularly the tile-roofed bridge, which has become a popular destination for travelers. Many travelers also choose to visit this destination by bike because it’s not far from Hue city and enjoy its tranquility. The pretty bridge features elements from both Chinese and Japanese cultures. Today, villagers often sit and chat on the quaint and picturesque bridge and pray at the small shrine, providing a terrific window into local life.

Admire the Perfume River and see the old Wartime Bunkers

The delightfully named Perfume River is a source of local pride. You can stroll and cycle along the scenic banks, but the truly perfect way to enjoy the views, cool weather, and ambiance is to take a boat trip along the waterway. Soak up the peaceful atmosphere and travel back in time through the city’s rich history. Several old bunkers are scattered along the banks of the river, serving as a reminder of the area’s not-so-distant past. Although you can only see them from the outside, they’re still worth a quick photo stop. Don’t miss one of Hue’s cutest riverside attractions too: the “I Love Hue” sign! It’s great for selfies!

Pick up souvenirs at Dong Ba Market

Sitting on the edges of the Perfume River, Dong Ba Market is one of the oldest and biggest markets in Vietnam. When visiting Dong Ba Market, visitors can easily spot the old bell tower standing proudly amidst the complex of buildings. With nine new buildings and four new sections ranging from seafood to clothes, the market covers an area of up to 16,000m2.

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