Fantastic tour of Vietnam & Cambodia

I don’t usually book tours as I prefer to do my own thing but as I was going on a family holiday I decided it might be easier to have someone else organise for us. I was initially apprehensive as the deal seemed too good to be true & I was wary that it could be a scam. I asked lots of questions & I definitely didn’t make it an easy process for Lam, but he was very professional at all times & it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.

At every new location we had a new tour guide and personal driver. Our guides spoke terrific English & were more than happy to accommodate us, even when we made some last minute changes to the itinerary. Nothing was ever any problem for them. They took us to some non-touristy areas which was great as we got to see how the locals really live & they showed us the best places to take photos so we have some awesome holiday snaps.

My family & I had an amazing holiday & were really impressed with the level of service offered & the care given to us. A big thank you to Lam & his team, this is one holiday we will never forget.

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