Best Company for Customized Tour of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand!

My husband and I travelled for nearly two months throughout Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Our trip was arranged by Asia Pioneers, a travel agency operating out of Hanoi, specializing in custom-designed tours. Our consultant, Mr. Quyen “Quinny” Le, was the essence of professionalism in arranging our tour. Over the course of our preparations via email, he worked closely and confidently with us to ensure that our itinerary matched our vision for a trip heavy on history, culture and local cuisine. He interpreted and improved upon my research, and meticulously attended to our concerns and modifications.

During the trip, EVERY planned element of the trip went perfectly. We did the four star hotel option, all of which met our expectations. All the day tours were fascinating, well-paced and aligned with our requests. Every local guide informative, engaging and detail-oriented, and put us at ease on account of their English-language skills. They were also fun and very open minded! Because Asia Pioneers works with local guides and drivers, we wasted no time looking for places or waiting on lines. Also, when we arrived in a new country and airport, we were met with gracious and punctual drivers who whisked us away to our hotels.

Asia Pioneers took us to some of the best ‘must see’ locations of Southeast Asia: a central location in bustling Ho Chi Minh City at the Grand Silverland Hotel, an in-depth tour of the Mekong River and delta, an exciting tour of authentic street food in Hanoi, and an enchanting cruise of Halong Bay on Orchid Cruise – and that’s just Vietnam! In more far-flung parts of Laos and Cambodia, we felt the warmth and hospitality of people whose tourist markets are developing very quickly.

We are deeply grateful for Quinny’s research and perfectionism. He created a two-month journey that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Asia Pioneers as your best option for planning a customized, stress-free and enriching trip through Southeast Asia.

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