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Day 1 – 4: Siem Reap – Phnom Kulen National Park
  • Arrive in Siem Reap. Discover the impressive temples: Angkor Wat, Banteay Srei, Bayon, etc. Visit Phnom Kulen National Park.
Day 5 – 7: Phnom Penh
  • Travel to Phnom Penh. Full-day heritage tour. Pay a visit to ‘Silk islands’ and join an evening food tour.
Day 8 – 14: Cardamom Mountains – Koh Rong – Phnom Penh
  • Transfer to the Cardamom Mountains. Go hiking and kayaking to discover the beautiful scenery of the mountains.
  • Relax at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Koh Rong. Spend the time as you please.
  • Return to Phnom Penh for the departure flight.

Customizable itinerary

Explore Cambodia’s ancient temples, jungles and enjoy staying at the 4 Rivers floating lodge in 14 days. Arrive in Siem Reap – the wonderful gateway to Cambodia’s most treasured landmarks Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Banteay Srei. See the old capital city of the Angkorian era and impressive stone carvings at the Phnom Kulan National Park. Head to Phnom Penh, where you will go on a full-day heritage tour and an evening food tour on a tuk-tuk. Set off to Cardamon Mountains to explore Southeast Asia’s largest rainforest, known for its diverse flora and fauna. In this region, you can take on different hikes and a kayak trip, or swim in the clean river. Relax at the luxurious 4 River Floating Lodge, which lets you fully immerse in the pristine nature at the foot of the Cardamon Mountains.

Sua s’dei! Welcome to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Upon arrival at Siem Reap Airport, your private guide and driver are waiting to meet you with a beaming smile, holding up a welcome signboard with your names on it and take you directly to your hotel.

After checking-in, you will have time to relax and adjust to the pace of Siem Reap. If time permits, head out to visit the excellent Angkor National Museum. The visit serves as an excellent primer to the gems of Angkor before visiting the temples. The museum provides a potentially large collection of relics, texts and audiovisual presentations relating to the Angkorian era. With even a basic knowledge of the history and symbolism of the architecture, you will have a much richer and engaging experience visiting the temples.

There will be a short tour briefing this evening with your guide followed by a welcome dinner at Friends Restaurant, Marum. It’s a social enterprise based restaurant that empowers disadvantaged youth with vocational training amongst other support.

Please note: You must have both a passport and a visa to enter Cambodia. And your passport must also have at least six months’ validity remaining beyond the date that you enter Cambodia. You can get a visa on arrival in Cambodia. Make sure you have two passport-sizes photographs.

Overnight in Siem Reap
Meals: (_/_/D)

Begin your day with an early visit (avoid the crowds) to the 13th-century Ta Prohm, a hauntingly beautiful temple where the roots of giant banyans and strangler figs enfold much of the stonework, creating scenes little changed since the French Adventurer Henri Mouhot re-discovered Angkor in the 1850s.  This temple makes the ‘Tomb Raider Temple’ one of the most picturesque and memorable of the Angkor temples.

Continue your explorations by visiting the enchanting temple of Banteay Srei, so-called “Citadel of the Women” remains the best-preserved temple in Cambodia. It displays some of the finest examples of classical Khmer art as this small temple is noted for its truly remarkable fine bas-reliefs. Banteay Srey is unique in that it is constructed of pink sandstone, which is seen nowhere else in Angkor. On the way back to town, you will have a short visit at palm sugar village and other various local handicraft souvenirs.

Return to the hotel for a relaxing break during the midday heat.

Your private guide and driver will meet you again at the hotel lobby then transfer to visit at the temples of Rolous Group, are some of the earliest permanent structures built by Khmer’s ancestors during the power of Khmer Empire dating back to the late 9th century. These three major temples: Bakong, Preah Ko and bricked Lolei temple and admired by contemporary of Theravada Buddhist monasteries. Around the area of Bakong temple, there was a tragic history which processed hundreds of local lives during The Khmer Rouge seized the power from 1975-1979.

Finish your day by climbing over Pre Rup, the state temple of King Rajendravarman II,  waiting to watch beautiful sunset overlooking rice paddies.

Overnight in Siem Reap
Meals: (B/_/_)

Today, you’ll continue to experience the temple relics but in a way that will really let you feel like you’ve escaped the 20th century and traveled a thousand years back to a time when life was simple and nature was surreal.

As first light dawns, you will be at the most important religious monument in the country, admiring the extraordinary Temple of Angkor Wat across a reflecting moat.

When the sun rises behind the triple towers, the crowds will thin out as most people return to bed or a hotel breakfast. We will make use of the cool temperatures and soft morning light to explore Angkor Wat in a more peaceful atmosphere.

After enjoying your takeaway breakfast (prepared by your guide) near the temple, you will start exploring one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Angkor Wat. At this point, you most probably have gotten glimpses of the towers over treetops and the gates in front of passing. But now you’ll finally get to satiate that curiosity that’s grown in the last few days.

Enter Angkor Wat and learn about the stories and amazing architecture that has stunned archeologists leaving more questions than answers. Angkor Wat possesses some of the most intricate and longest stone carvings in the world. This complex is four times the size of the Vatican City making it the largest religious site in the world. Spend the rest of the morning adventuring through the many passages, levels, and exploring chambers that once housed one of many treasures of the ancient world. It will be an experience you will never forget.

Your exploits will continue as you visit Banteay Kdei (“Citadel of Chambers”), a Buddhist monastery from the late 12th Century, and Sra Srang, also known as the “pool of ablutions”. Then enjoy lunch at a local restaurant near Sra Srang.

After lunch you will continue to explore Angkor Archaeological Park. Start from the South Gate by tuk tuk with its huge statues depicting the churning of the ocean of milk. Then proceed to the ancient capital city of Angkor Thom, the last capital of the Great Khmer Empire that once ruled much of Southeast Asia. This city is surrounded by an 8 m high wall drawing a perfect square. You will be amazed by an impressive stone gate carved with Elephants and four giant faces. On each side of the entrance path, a row of 54 gods or demons is holding the sacred Naga snake.

From there, move onto the Bayon Temple in the exact centre of the ancient city. This 12th-century masterpiece is a study in grandeur and is well-known for its 54 towers with enigmatic faces representing the 54 provinces of the Great Khmer Empire.

You will also visit the Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King as they are both known for their intricate bas-reliefs. Stroll through the grounds of the former Royal Palace to discover some small hidden temples that are rarely visited. After the temple tour your guide and driver will bring you back to your hotel for your leisure time.

Your guide and driver will take you out to watch Phare – the Cambodian Circus, an amazing blend of traditional and modern theater, music, dance, acrobatic, juggling and contortion beautifully choreographed and performed in a story about Cambodian lives and society.

Overnight in Siem Reap
Meals: (B/L/_)

Depart Siem Reap for the Phnom Kulen National Park, which is about 48km from Siem Reap town in the Svay Leu District, and the journey takes approximately two hours. Only open to tourists since 1999, this privately owned national park is considered by most Khmers as the most sacred mountain in Cambodia. This ancient archaeological site used to be the capital city of the Angkorian era and was also known as Mahendraparvata (the mountain of Great Indra) where King Jayavarman II declared himself the King of Kings (chakravartin) paving the way for the foundation of the Khmer Empire.

After the steep climb up the 487-meter mountain, you will discover 56 Angkorian temples, some of which are made from volcanic stone and brick. Although most are in poor condition, the King Jayavarman II temple base is the only one that remains intact.

After some rest, the tour will continue onto Kbal Spean, which is situated along a 150m stretch of the Steung Kbal Spean River. Here we will see some impressive stone carvings, which have been carved into the river bed and banks. The motifs carved into the stone are mainly myriads of Lingams (symbols of Shiva the Hindu God), which is why it gets its name ‘The River of a Thousand Lingas’.

After the ‘River of a thousand Lingas’, make your way to Preah Ang Thom, a 16th century Buddhist monastery. This sacred site is home to the Reclining Buddha, a giant sculpture on top of the mountain, only accessible by climbing steep steps to the top of the mountain. Not only will you get to see this giant sculpture, you will also get to see the breathtaking views of the jungle below.

Now it’s time for relaxing as you make your way down the mountain to see the impressive waterfalls. Here you can cool down from the heat with a refreshing swim in the river before the 3-hour trek through the jungle to your home stay.

Overnight at a local homestay
Meals: (B/L/D)

Start your day off with a traditional Khmer breakfast at your host’s house, followed by a short trip to visit a local village school, where you will meet the kids who will surely have lots of questions for you!

After visiting the school, head off on a 4-hour trek to Peorng Damrei or Srah Damrei, although there are no temple ruins here there are some impressive stone sculptures, such as the Elephant statue.

After the long trek, you will get back to the waterfall, where you can have another refreshing swim followed by a spot of lunch on the river banks.

After lunch, return to Siem Reap and transfer to the airport to catch a short flight to Phnom Penh. Arrive and transfer to the hotel in Phnom Penh to check in.

Phnom Penh is the vibrant bustling capital of Cambodia. Situated at the confluence of three rivers, the mighty Mekong, the Bassac, and the great Tonle Sap, what was once considered the ‘Gem’ of Indochina. The capital city still maintains considerable charm with plenty to see. It exudes a sort of provincial charm and tranquillity with French colonial mansions and tree-lined boulevards amidst monumental Angkorian architecture.

Overnight in Phnom Penh
Meals: (B/L/D)

After breakfast, meet your guide and head out to visit the most remarkable sights of Phnom Penh in a Cyclo (a three-wheeled bicycle taxi), an original Phnom Penh means of transportation and a fun way to explore this lively city.

Begin with a visit to the Royal Palace Compound built-in 1866 by the Predecessors of King Norodom, the most conspicuous feature and also one of the most impressive colorful Khmer-style Palaces. Nearside the Royal Palace is Silver Pagoda (The Emerald Buddha temple), which displays plenty of Buddha Statues that were decorated and made by diamond, emerald, gold, and silver.

Next, proceed to visit Independence Monument which was constructed in 1954 after Cambodian took their country back from the French colony. Continue to visit the National Museum, the distinctive red building with a beautiful Khmer architecture was built since 1917 containing more than 5000 art objects made of sandstone, bronze, silver, copper, wood, and others. Pass through the River Front Park whose scenery is much worth shooting.

For lunch, you will be treated to a delicious Khmer meal at Le Lotus Blanc, a lovely charity restaurant where former street children are taught the principles of hospitality.

Gain insight into Cambodia’s recent dark history on a visit to the infamous Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (also known as Prison S21) and listen to English commentary en route. The prison comprises 4 buildings with exhibitions in several rooms. During your visit, you will barely meet a single person who didn’t lose a member of their family during these years, yet they are all willing to talk openly about it with you. They wish you to hear about it and see these places, to ensure that it never happens again.

After an hour and 15 minutes at the museum, take a 40-minute drive to the Killing Fields, see a documentary on the Khmer Rouge regime. Under the leadership of Pol Pot, his government caused the deaths of more than two million people. There will be around 1 hour and 15 minutes to explore the site. An audio guide is available in 15 languages along with a map of the fields.

Continue to visit the fascinating Russian Market, where you will have ample opportunity to shop for some souvenirs. End your day at Wat Phnom, the birthplace of the city, located on a small hilltop that forms the highest elevation of Phnom Penh.

Overnight in Phnom Penh
Meals: (B/L/_)

You can sleep in and enjoy late breakfast. After that, spend the rest of the morning at your leisure relaxing at the hotel’s swimming pool.

Get picked up by a moto-remork (tuk-tuk)  and venture out of Phnom Penh by crossing the historic Japanese Friendship Bridge before sailing across the Mekong River to Koh Oknha Tey – a beautiful Silk island by ferry.

Along the way, you will visit the majestic Bakhaeng temple with stunning architecture, statues, carvings, and artwork.

Upon arrival, you will set out to explore these islands commonly known as the “silk islands” due to their longstanding tradition of silk weaving. Visit one of these villages where the weavers allow us to wander among their looms, admiring their skills at this knotty art form.

You will have a chance to witness the entire silk weaving process, learning how silk starts with the silkworms, see silk thread being looped and dyed, then admire and purchase the beautiful Cambodian silk fabrics, the final shimmering Khmer silk accessories.

Afterward, enjoy Khmer snacks at a local family’s house while admiring the surrounding scenery. Aboard a boat back to Phnom Penh. Marvel at the unique architectural wonders around the area such as the Wat Ounalom, Royal Palace, and the Silver Pagoda as the sun sinks into the horizon.

Meet your food expert guide and zoom past the streets of Phnom Penh aboard a tuk tuk again and see the city’s famous landmarks by night. Spice up the ride with unlimited beer and drinks you can enjoy as you go from one destination to another.

You will first fill yourself up with the best noodles in town, delight in the rich taste of roasted chicken and ribs, and wrap your own lettuce and rice noodle rolls. Continue to discover the taste of Cambodian cuisine by visiting family-run restaurants that serve authentic Khmer dishes.

Head to a local rooftop bar and enjoy the stunning views of the city as you sip on delicious craft beer or cocktails. Sit among the locals and see how they spend their night with family and friends.

Overnight in Phnom Penh
Meals: (B/_/D)

After breakfast, you will be picked up at your hotel in Phnom Penh and transferred to your accommodations in the Cardamom Mountains which spans more than 4.4 million hectares of rainforest in southwestern Cambodia. The Cardamom Mountains remains Southeast Asia’s largest remaining rainforest, inhabited by a swathe of endangered wildlife, the expansive woodland is also home to about 25,000 people, many of whom are ethnic minorities.

(Transfer Duration: Approx 4.5 hours driving + 1 hour boat ride).

Upon arrival at Trapeang Rung bridge you will board a boat for your an one-hour journey along the Preak Tachan River to Cardamom Tented Camp and settle into your comfortable safari-style tent. Located deep in the jungle of Botum Sakor National Park, Cardamom Tented Camp combines a passion for sustainability with an enthusiasm for sharing the beauty of the region around the Cardamom Mountains.

After lunch at the camp, set off on an exploratory hike in the jungle around the camp. The diversity of the fauna will amaze you! Learn more about the conservation and protection work implemented by Wildlife Alliance.

Overnight in Cardamom Tented Camp
Meals: (B/L/D)

After an early breakfast, Wildlife Alliance Rangers will meet you and together with an English-speaking guide embark on patrol over a network of abandoned poaching and logging trails through the dense forest. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. The half-day hike will stop by the Ranger Station, where confiscated snares, traps and improvised hunting rifles are on display. A Local Khmer lunch will be served.

After lunch, enjoy some down time relaxing or swimming in the river. Later, you will kayak along Preak Tachan back to camp. If you are lucky, you might see some monkeys or unique birds during the kayaking! (This service is on a group basis.).

Overnight in Cardamom Tented Camp
Meals: (B/L/D)

Today you can spend the day in nature as you see fit. There are a number of short trails starting at the lodge, perfect for exploring on your own. Alternatively, you can relax on the floating pier on the Preak Tachan River with binoculars at hand to spot birds. In the early morning and in the evenings, you’ll often hear the whooping of Gibbons. Kayaks are also available to further explore the river. Lunch will be served at the riverside restaurant.

Optional: There is the possibility to embark on another patrol with Wildlife Alliance rangers.

Overnight in Cardamom Tented Camp
Meals: (B/L/_)

In the morning, be picked up and driven around 2 hours to 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Koh Kong. Catch the 2 p.m. boat across to the island. Check in upon arrival, and be free at leisure for the rest of the day on your own.

Overnight in Koh Rong  
Meals: (B/_/_)

Today, you will enjoy the fresh air far away from the city on your own.

Overnight in Koh Rong  
Meals: (B/_/_)

Continue to spend the free day. Enjoy the fresh air far away from the city by yourself.

Overnight in Koh Rong 
Meals: (B/_/_)

After breakfast and check out of the 4 River Floating Lodge, catch the morning boat departing from 4 Rivers Floating Lodge to arrive at the shore where your driver is waiting for you to take you to Phnom Penh International airport for your departure flight home or travel on to more adventures, we will help you with the planning.

Meals: (B/_/_)

Useful Information

This tour is built upon our firsthand knowledge & experience, offering you the best choices available. The price of this trip varies depending on the number of people in your party, dates of departure, and the availability of ground services. Please click on REQUEST A FREE QUOTE (above) and supply the required information, enabling us to send you your personalized quote within 24 hours!

Note: Amendments CAN be made to this tour to suit your requirements.


Sightseeing Highlights

  • Enjoy two days of fully guided Angkor complex tours in Siem Reap, with in-depth insights into the history of these extraordinary structures and plenty of time to see the spectacular Angkor Wat
  • Delve into the dramatic Khmer legacy in Phnom Penh on a full-day guided tour around the Cambodian capital, passing by the sobering Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S21) and Killing Fields of Choeung Ek
  • Spend a half-day to explore one of “Silk Islands” villages where the weavers allow us to wander among their looms, admiring their skills at this knotty art form, finish the day with foodie tour by tuk-tuk in Phnom Penh
  • Join trekking and camping in the Cardamom Mountains remains Southeast Asia’s largest remaining rainforest, inhabited by a swathe of endangered wildlife, the expansive woodland
  • End your Cambodia trip of a lifetime with a relaxing stay on the beaches on Koh Rong island.

Dining Experience

  • 13 hotel buffet breakfasts.
  • 6 dinners and 7 lunches at well-selected restaurants
  • 1 street food tour

Travel Highlights

  • Your own private guide and driver for in-depth cultural touring based on your interests
  • Firsthand, sophisticated destination knowledge and recommendations from our locally born travel specialists
  • Itineraries that are customized according to your interests and preferences
  • A seamless travel experience, including all logistics, hand-picked hotels and restaurants, private airport transfers, internal transportation, and entry visa assistance…etc
  • Around-the-clock support from your travel designer and concierge before, during and after your trip

What’s Included?

Private English speaking guide, accommodation, private tours and transfer, domestic flights, A/C vehicles, some main meals, all entrance fees, tax and service charge.

What’s Not Included?

Your international flights from and to Cambodia, the entry visa to Cambodia, personal expense, tips to guide and driver.

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We are committed to giving our customers unforgettable experiences in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and beyond, not just something staged for tourists. Read reviews written by our customers about their experiences in Indochina after they have returned home. These include the ratings and comments on attractions, guides, activities, hotels and food.

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Vietnam Luxury Vacation Review: Sightseeing, Culture, 12-Day Travel

Asia Pioneer Travel was professional, provided prompt communication before and during our trip, and offered an itinerary custom to our wish list and timeline.

They helped us focus on highlights of areas which we would have spent considerable time researching and organizing without their help. Their attention to detail in information shared ahead of time, as well as step by step planning of transportation, meals, lodging, and sightseeing options offered a stress-free vacation- optimizing our time and energy on experiencing everything beautiful Vietnam has to offer!
The landscape, scenery, and customs of Vietnam are stunning and diverse. Each area we visited offered its own unique beauty. Absolutely amazing!!!
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Rachel Faust - USA
Mar 8, 2023
From: 5

Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Sightseeing, Rice Fields, Boat Rides, 18-Day Trip

We started searching for our tour for Vietnam / Cambodia back in October 2022 to start the tour in the first week of January 2023. We selected this travel agency, and contact name provided to us was Elly. She was extraordinary with her communication with us. Excellent English speaking language capability & excellent in communication on Whats app and email communication. We went back & forth few times to arrange the tour we wanted. She was very accommodating in arranging our schedule. We requested automobile tour for both countries, just for two of us.

We requested to get the high end hotel in each city and she gave us choices and not only that but send videos of each hotel for each City and then waited for us to decide which hotel we select. All the Hotels turned out to be one of the best we would expect to be. M/s Elly, personally came to visit with us on the evening of our first day tour. Very respectful and asked if she could do anything for us.I had requested before in our communication, if she would arrange for power converter for us, since my camera chargers are all in 110. So brought two power converters for us! Something, not everyone will do this kind of service. So all the kiddos to her!

as to the drivers in each city were very courteous, very professional and very careful in how and where they have to do driving.

our Guides in each city were so friendly, courteous and knowledgeable in where ever we visited. How ever wish two guides in Hue An and Ho Chi Minh City spoke English more clearly.

We only wish we had one extra day in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, , however, there is so much to see in the world! Perhaps next time will visit Vietnam.

As to Cambodia, same thing to express about site seeing and our Guide and drivers. Guides and drivers really made our travel thro’ the countries where we do not speak that language, made it so comfortable and enjoyable.

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Sudhir D - USA
Mar 3, 2023


Hi Lam…hope you don’t mind me contacting you directly. My wife Barb  & I (Paul) have just arrived home after completing a great tour of Vietnam which was organised through your company Asia Pioneer Travel.

We want to tell you personally how impressed were were with the level of service that we received…it was amazing and the best that we have experienced anywhere. After we made initial contact with you, you handed us over to Chloe to arrange the trip which she did in very quick time and the amount of detail that she went to was fantastic. From the moment that we walked out of Hanoi airport on arrival to see our guide waiting, we knew that we were in for a great trip. The drivers & guides were fantastic and Chloe was in contact by email constantly making sure that everything was going to plan & that we were happy. At one stage we need to vary the itinerary by extending accommodation & changing air tickets and Chloe did that without any fuss or bother.

We also met some wonderful Vietnamese people along the way and Ive got to say that they are our kind of people, very generous & friendly.

Enough of my ramblings, thanks for a great visit to Vietnam, and a special thank you to Chloe for looking after us in such a terrific manner…she is a very special caring lady.

Kind regards & I hope that we have the opportunity to use Asia Pioneer Travel again….Paul & Barb Little from Newcastle Australia

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Paul & Barb Little - Australia
Mar 2, 2023

Superbly organised and very flexible

We travelled to Vietnam for two weeks, booking the whole trip through Lizzie at Asia Pioneer, including hotels, excursions, trips, guides and internal flights. Lizzie was so helpful and flexible, accommodating changes to our schedule until the last minute, especially as we missed our connecting flight in Dubai and arrived a day later than planned (our fault). Nothing was too much trouble, including getting my wallet back to me after I left it in the car taking us to the airport.

We started in Hanoi in the North and worked our way south to Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), taking in Ha Long with its amazing sea stacks and sleeping on a boat, then to Sa Pa on the overnight sleeper train from Hanoi, with its wonderful countryside and rice terraces. Afterwards, we went to Hoi An for three days of relaxation. Hoi An probably my favourite place and three days are enough to cover it. Then onto Hue, the original capital, my least favourite place and then finally on to HMC, which was a real contrast to the North.

The 3-star hotels that Lizzie picked were very good and comfortable, and the guides were very knowledgeable. I would definitely use Asia Pioneer again for future Asia trips.

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Alex Miller - United Kingdom
Mar 1, 2023